Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cuckold Commentary and a mini rant

Lots of caption bogs feature topics I don’t care for or just don’t fit into my idea of what this fantasy is all about, so I’m often driven to do some captions commenting on the theme. “Cuckolding” is one such thing. Lots of the captions I see, there’s this weird “I’m weak and should be punished for my weakness and desires and should be abused and betrayed by those I trust.” Since I see cross dressing as an empowering thing, a living of fantasy, the kind of dedication to that kind of thinking is just..perverse. You may be wearing sexy lingerie, but be a man. Be sassy, not sissy! (but that’s a topic for another rant). Enjoy the series: So my plan really is to get around to posting my old stuff here, and then maybe debut new stuff at the forum or something, but I want to get in the habit of posting here, so here’s a new series I did.


  1. Now THAT is changing things around! Nice caps, fit that bemused look well....

  2. Now Tiffany, we all know why guys love to be girls. We can be the ones to seduce and control the sex. I agree, when you "submit" it's because you aim to control. Mark (Marcia?) definitely understood ;)