Saturday, January 31, 2009


Hi! I'm Tiffany Anne! I've noticed a bunch of TG Caption blogs popping up, and I thought, hmmm, I should do that! I'm something of a legend in the caption world...though that could be in my own mind :) After Lycos and Yahoo and other places fell, I hung my cap at A Bimbo's Sanctuary (now Feeling Femme Sanctuary). I can still be found there, but, hey! more places people can sing my praise:) I'll be putting up my archives here, so if you've seen them there, you'll see them here...and maybe some new ones too! There's places for magic captions, and punishment captions, and sissy captions, and sci-fi captions...but there's not much that are what I like to see. I mean, I do some magic and sci-fi and punishment and sissy, but at the core of my captions is the idea that crossdressing is fun!!! (even if you weren't looking for some fun). I see captions as art. I remember the dark times, when captions were ugly pictures with ms paint text scrawled on them. Then came The Great Becky who lead us out of the darkness and into the Photo Shop!:D I try to keep to her spirit (though some of the great stuff I see around today makes my early work look like cave cave drawings though...the kind kinky cavemen crave and cum to). So that's me and my reason for being here...I hope you enjoy and I hope you comment and I hope you remember to wipe off your monitor and keyboard every so often! Hugs, Tiffany Anne